Vacant Homes Task Force

So whatever you do, don’t buy cauliflowers for that special someone – instead, buy roses – from us! Since roses are a Valentine flower of choice, why not send your significant other, helpful neighbor or friend, or someone who just might need your caring and considerate gesture to brighten their day, by receiving a rose you sent with love or affection. THE VACANT HOUSE TASK FORCE is selling roses on Valentine’s day for $5.00 each. Included in this price is a thoughtful, artistic, hand-made card with your own personal message attached. Delivery is included if it is within our Grandmont-Rosedale boundaries, or you can pick up the roses on February 14, 2014 at the GRDC Office. All sales profits go directly to fund our Vacant Property Summer/Fall Maintenance and will be divided among our GRDC neighborhoods. Forms are available at the GRDC office at 19800 Grand River, or call GRDC Program Manager Becki Kenderes at 313-387-4732. Ext. 101, or call me and I will deliver the form to you – how easy is that?


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