The Importance of Reporting All Crimes

We want to remind area residents that it is imperative that they report all crimes, even after they occur and even if they are not emergency situations. Documenting crime is a crucial part of combating it. If we do not provide the police with an accurate record of crime in our neighborhoods (the frequency and locations of crimes), then the police are less able to map hot-spots or take strategic action against criminals.

The Telephone Crime Reporting Unit (TCRU) allows Detroit residents to fill out police reports from the comfort of their home. With this system you do not have to go to a police station and fill out a pile of paperwork in order to report a crime. Users should call the TCRU under the following circumstances:

  • No immediate threat to life, property, or public safety.
  • The incident is not in progress.
  • The suspect(s) are no longer at the scene.

You should call the TCRU to report any of the following incidents: stolen vehicles or license plates, breaking and entering of residences / businesses / autos, larceny reports, felonious assaults with or without injuries, and malicious destruction of property.

The phone number for the Telephone Crime Reporting Unit is 313-267-4600. For crimes that involve a threat to life or are in the midst transpiring, please call 9-1-1. Remember that information is power!



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