Beautification and Garden

This committee organizes the annual Flower Sale, Garden and Home Tour, and assists with projects that beautify our community, The committee also maintains the garden at Chaney Library in honor of one of our committee founders, Marva Greenwood-Smail. 


The Environmental Committee seeks to protect and ensure the investment and resale value of residents’ properties by encouraging homeowners to maintain, upgrade and beautify their properties. 


The Finance Committee in the Grandmont community plays an essential role in securing the neighborhood’s financial stability. Responsible for budget planning and managing community funds, they diligently work to safeguard our community’s prosperous financial future.

The Grandmonitor Committee is the engine behind our beloved neighborhood newsletter, The Grandmonitor. This dedicated team of volunteers works tirelessly each month to curate news, updates, and engaging stories for our community. From covering local events and achievements to providing important neighborhood reminders, the Grandmonitor Committee ensures that every resident stays informed and connected.

The Membership Committee assists the GCA Treasurer and Block and Street Captains in planning for dues collections, organizing one or two “Membership Blitzes” each year, and providing up-to-date membership rosters for each block.


The Safety and Security Committee is all about keeping Grandmont safe and friendly. Whether it’s arranging neighborhood patrols or helping neighbors with property upkeep, the team’s always on the job to make sure our community stays great!

Each year high school seniors, whose parents are members of the Grandmont Community Association, are eligible to apply for scholarships given by the GCA for post secondary education. Scholarship Applications are available in The Grandmonitor each spring.


The Social Planning Committee assists in planning the official meetings of the GCA, which include the Annual Business and Dinner meeting in April each year. 


Animal Services accomplishes the goals of protecting public safety and ensuring animal welfare through compassionate, responsive, professional enforcement of the laws and public policy.

We, the Grandmont Community Association Youth and Education Committee are asking for your support to get the word out! We are having a Hat & Glove Drive.


Additional Community Groups

The corporation is a cooperative effort of the Grandmont Community, the Grandmont #1 Civic Association, the Rosedale Park Improvement Association, the North Rosedale Park Community Association, and other neighborhood groups for the rehabilitation and promotion of housing and business stock in the joint communities,


The Grandmont Rosedale Community Garden was established in 2009 by residents and nearby friends of the Grandmont and Rosedale neighborhoods in northwest Detroit. Start up costs for raised beds, fencing, tool etc. were provided by grant funds that were received by the Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation. Additional grants and donations for infrastructure improvements were received as well. Over the years, a variety of volunteers (Detroit Project Day and others) have assisted with projects including replacing/adding raised beds and fencing.

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