GCA Scholarship Committee

Have a graduating high school senior who is thinking of applying for the GCA Scholarship? The application deadline for 2024 applicants  is June 15, 2024. The application packet can be downloaded here.

One of the requirements for the scholarship is the parent and the graduating senior must volunteer for a minimum of 20 hours in the Grandmont Community. The Scholarship Committee is encouraging 2024 applicants and parents to not wait until the deadline to volunteer.  We are also encouraging future applicants and parents who intend to apply for the scholarship, to start working on their volunteer hours now. Below is a list of suggestions that will help in  finding the perfect option for you and your future scholarship applicant:

1. Distribute the Grandmonitor

2. Write an article for the Grandmonitor

3. Become a street or block captain

4. Volunteer at the Grandmont Youth and Education Events

5. Help during the Ramsay Park Cleanups

6. Be active on a Grandmont Community Association Committee

7. Assist during the Garden Tour

8. Run to become a member of the Grandmont Board of Directors

9. Assist with setups for GCA Events

10. Volunteer at the Northwest Farmers Market

11. Volunteer with GRDC

For more information or to receive an application, please call Cora Duncan-Foster at (313) 273-7914 or send an email to [email protected].

Cora Duncan-Foster

GCA Scholarship Chair

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